Australia's only full-service, multi-system duress and man-down solutions company

  Here you can find help with any duress, person-down or lone-worker alarm need ranging from a single user to large organisations with many staff members. Choose from our range of quality systems and importantly, tailored, customised solutions to suit your staff's exact needs.

 Specific duress or lone-worker alarm devices.

  For instance

  • TWIG purpose designed personal alarms for wide-area use both indoor and outdoor.
  • Ekahau (Airista) used mainly indoors.
  • Mini-Paccs small duress alarm systems, which are a flexible, range of both indoor, outdoor, duress and man-down units.

 TWIG range

TWIG Australia new website : Click here to go to the TWIG lone worker products.


Ekahau (Airista) range


Mini-Paccs range


What is your situation, type of site or need?