Tracking your valuable assets

 Where is this system used?

Logistics   Transport   Mining
Logistics Transport   Mining
Local Government   Trucking   Taxi
Local Government Trucking   Taxi
Ambulance   Boating   Car Rental
Ambulance Boating   Car Rental

You have a need to track valuable moving assets: trucks, cars, industrial and mining equipment, boats or planes. Or you may need to track assets that are moved or can be stolen: containers, equipment, tools, trailers or even permanent structures, that are valuable and could but shouldn't be moved, such as road signs or storage tanks.

Whatever the need, there is a solution that will know where the asset is at all times, when it moves and where it moves to. It can alert you, show the location on a map, and provide detailed log information to your requirements.

Pivotel Console

Many options exist:
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