Wide area satellite

  • You operate partly outside the mobile phone network.
  • You want to send a duress or man down signal to raise help or indicate your GPS position.
  • You would like an option for text alert, email or voice communication.
  • Communications can be direct to satellite or via an in-vehicle solution.

Where is this system used?

Remote Area   Logistics   Military
Remote area medical care Logistics   Military
Mining   Engineering / Geology   Emergency Services
Mining Engineering/Geology   Emergency services
Utilities   Construction   Country Ambulance
Utilities Construction Country ambulance

These solutions allow users to send a duress and person-down alerts via satellite and are designed for use in regions outside of the mobile phone networks. In the basic application, a duress alert sends satellite coordinates to web-based maps and simultaneously sends text or email messages to designated numbers or addresses. More advanced systems allow voice communication.


Satellite solutions for communications, duress alarm and tracking

Personal duress alarm and tracking

Spot Gen 3 Satellite Messenger
Spot Messenger is a small transmitter worn on the belt or arm that allows you to contact friends, associates or emergency services in the event of accident or injury when you’re out of mobile phone coverage. Pressing one of the buttons sends different levels of warning via satellite to arrive at your chosen contact by SMS or email and allows them to locate or even track you via a web-based mapping service.

Note that this technology requires sight of the satellite to operate as this is the only method of signal transmission.

Five levels of contact:

  • “I am OK”/check in
  • custom message for tailored notification
  • track progress for continuous tracking
  • ask for help: emergency level 1
  • SOS: serious emergency
  • the web-based tracking plan is mandatory.
InReach SE Satellite Messenger
InReach is a unique messenger allowing two-way communication. This means that unlike other satellite messengers, the unit can be contacted from an outside location to determine its position.

Its standalone functionality includes:

  • duress button
  • send and receive 160 character SMS
  • audible message notification
  • turn on tracking to share and view GPS coordinates
  • acknowledgment alerts pre-assigned recipients via sms or email
  • long lasting re-chargeable lithium battery
  • waterproof, dustproof
  • three custom messages can be sent from the unit. For example :
    • I’ve arrived on site
    • I’m leaving the site.

Additionally, In-Reach can be paired with a Smartphone for these features:

  • maps
  • configurable tracking interval
  • further two-way text messaging
  • accessibility to smartphone contacts.

Accessories include a car windshield mount and a DC adaptor/charger.

When mobile phone coverage is not available, a text message entered into a smartphone can be sent via bluetooth through the InReach unit.


The location, tracking and messaging plan is mandatory.
SmartOne C Satellite Asset Tracker
SmartOne is a small, rugged satellite-managed asset location and tracking device.
  • flexible Location reporting times
  • battery or mains power (1.5 yr battery life)
  • low battery message
  • mains power failure will switch unit to Battery
  • pre-programmed reporting times
  • increased tracking with motion detection
  • provides immediate or emergency alerts by email or text
  • small at 69 mm x 82.6 mm x 25.4 mm
  • lightweight 102 g incl. batteries
  • operating temp -30º to +60ºplus.

Thuraya SatSleeve

Thuraya SatSleeve is the world's first satellite adaptor for smartphones, providing easy and affordable access to mobile communication services delivered over the Thuraya satellite network. Insert your compatible smartphone into the SatSleeve for iPhone or SatSleeve for Android, to stay connected through phone calls, SMS and data via satellite mode.

Satsleeve has an independent duress button that will enable a message to one predefined number even without the Smart phone docked.

Iridium GO

Iridium GO is a voice and data satellite transmitter that links by Bluetooth to your SmartPhone.

In locations where I Phones and Smart Phones can’t be used due to lack of cell coverage, Iridium GO will link to your phone and do the job via satellite. And if you’re inside where the satellite can’t be seen, leave Iridium GO outside within 30 metres (depending on infrastructure) and you’re still in touch with the world. Send and receive voice and data. And Iridium GO has an independent SOS button for emergency duress alerts.


Personal duress and person-down alarm if near your vehicle. Send duress or perso-down alarm by text or email along with satellite coordinates that can be located on web based mapping.


  • personal alarm transmitters signal via your vehicle through satellite
  • ange to vehicle 200 m
  • find or track location through web maps
  • send Email or text duress alert message.

Iridium Extreme
State of the art satellite phone with Duress alarm button and SMS.


  • send-receive SMS
  • connect to computer and send/receive data
  • emergency duress button
  • in-built GPS -share location via SMS
  • online tracking
  • military grade durability
  • incoming calls free; Low outgoing call rates
  • standard 04XX numbers.
Total field duress and person-down satellite solution. Duress and person-down protection up to 1 km from your vehicle. Permanent hardwired or portable models available.


  • radio handset signals via your vehicle through satellite
  • range to vehicle 1 km
  • send voice or text with location coordinates
  • in-vehicle base has direct voice contact with handset and with anyone via satellite
  • vehicle fitted with roll and crash detection
  • tracking.


Many options exist:
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