Mapping/locating/passive – active tracking

  • You want to know where people or assets are at any given time for safety and/or asset inventory.
  • You want vehicles and/or assets located when needed. Opt-in control by personnel ensures privacy is not neglected.

Where is this system used?

Field Service / Sales Staff   Social Work / Elderly Care   Agents
Field service/sales staff Social work / elderly care   Agents
Operators   Officers   Situations Involving / Duty of Care
Operators Officers   Situations involving duty of care
Vehicular   Equipment   Machinery
Vehicular Equipment   Machinery
Portable Assets on Large Sites   Industrial Sites   Mine Sites
Portable assets on large sites Industrial sites   Mine sites


Products – Mapping/locating/passive-active tracking


PACCS Platform

The PACCS platform also offers the ability to integrate with side wide PABX’s and IPPBX systems to deliver high quality voice and SMS.



  • can be programmed to take care of alarms and other events from PACCS DECT handsets or other third-party software
  • reacts on input from alarm modules, personal alarms with location information, messages, and data from handsets
  • provides simple configuration and controls the access of
    configuration data which are defined in separate user profiles
  • enables tracing of actions and processes from start to finish in real time or analyzing of an incident after the event.

Geo Platform

GSM/GPS -tracking solution for vehicles, vessels, other assets and persons.



  • multiple user support
  • alarm reception / anchor alarm
  • address history list
  • GPRS or SMS communication with TWIG mobile devices
  • alarm forward to mobile phone or e-mail
  • link to Google Maps & Google Earth.

Selex Platform

Can be fitted in a wide range of hard-skinned and soft-skinned military vehicles and in rotary-winged aircraft.



  • communications with other platforms in the vicinity, providing self-defence support
  • complete section and platoon level soldier system coverage, with platforms and dismounted infantry operating together
  • crew members have a better insight into the dismounted troops activity and dismounted troops have immediate communications with their supporting platforms
  • direct communications between the dismounted infantry, those waiting to dismount and the crew increases the ability to react rapidly to any situation, by enabling co-operation between all the troops and vehicles in fast moving operational environments.

Pivotel Platform

The self contained, self powered satellite tracking unit sends location and alarm information.



  • locate, map and track mobile assets throughout Australia and its surrounding waters
  • collect and deliver telemetry data from your remote monitoring solution - with or without mapping
  • view and manage assets online through the secure, feature rich, simple to configure TracerTrak Console
  • always stay in touch through sophisticated schedule or event driven alerting functionality delivered via email or SMS.


Many options exist:
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