Wide area cellular

  • You move around within a city, suburb or regional area and need to be able to send a duress or person-down alarm.
  • The 3G mobile phone network is available.
  • You may wish to also know a precise location.

Where is this system used?

Community Health Services   Logistics   Transport
Community health services Logistics   Transport
Harbour Shipping   Maintenance   Rail Yard Work
Harbour shipping Maintenance engineeing   Rail yard work
Construction   Mapping   Social Work
Construction Mapping   Social work

Users carry or wear a small unit that has a duress button and optional automatic person-down features. The unit communicates directly via the 3G mobile phone network. When activated, a text message, data message, or voice message is sent to several destinations alerting staff to a situation. The unit may also open a one or two-way voice channel so that the monitoring staff can listen in to the incident. Location coordinates can also be sent with the message and these can be entered into mapping programs such as Google Maps, or other web-based mapping programs we can supply for your team.


We offer wide area cellular products. For more detailed information on this range of duress products and services, visit our TWIG Australia website. Some wide area cellular products are given below:

Wide area cellular products

TWIG is a world-class purpose-designed line of duress and person-down products manufactured in Salo, Finland. TWIG products are small person-down and duress transmitters that operate across the mobile phone network. They message directly to mobile phones or landlines with both sms and two-way voice call alerts.

A duress alert can be activated simply by pressing a button on the twig device.

With the "ManDown" feature, TWIG will send an alarm when it tilts beyond more than a defined angle or registers no-motion for a specified period of time. The time frame and tilt angle like many other features can also be programmed. The unit then beeps and vibrates to warn a message is about to be sent, allowing time for cancellation. The pre-warning time can also be specified.

In some models, the person down function can also be easily switched on and off by the user with the press of a button.

In an emergency event, the following actions can occur:
  • ten emergency numbers can be programmed into the unit to receive either a SMS message, a dialed call or both
  • a duress events begin with the unit sending a SMS text message to all numbers on the SMS list
  • the unit starts dialing numbers on the voice-call list in sequence until one answers
  • a two-way voice channel is then opened between the sender and the receiver
  • four additional buttons can direct-dial to frequently called numbers with a single press of the button, which enables a non-emergency assistance call – in some models, there is only one direct-dial button
  • the unit requires a SIM card provided by the purchaser
  • as an option, in duress situation the unit also secures a satellite GPS position and displays this on a map
  • if you have the GPS function, a free location map can be brought to your Smartphone by simply clicking the link that is in the SMS alert you receive when the SOS button or automatic person down is activated
  • you can also request a location from TWIG with a coded SMS request
  • TWIG can also be managed through TWIG Point (TWIG Webfinder) if additional messaging, locating and tracking features are required, or TWIG can be integrated into your own alarm management and location system.

TWIG models

TWIG SOS Safety Card

TWIG SOS Safety Card is ideal for people who wear ID badges. This discreet powerful alarm summons help at the push of a button. Silent operation or two-way voice. Messages to colleagues or security responder of your choice. Bright easy-to-read display walks you through functions when not showing time.

TWIG Protector Pro

TWIG Protector Pro is top of the line more industrialised unit with louder volume, heavier vibrate warning and stronger shockproof casing. It comes standard with duress button, automatic person down and GPS location.

TWIG Protector Standard

TWIG Protector Standard is functionally the same as Protector Pro, and allows you to choose the main features, only paying for what you need. The options are:

  • protector with duress button only
  • duress and GPS
  • duress and person down
  • duress, person down and GPS.


Embody Wrist


Embody Clip with belt clip

TWIG Embody

The most flexible member of the TWIG family. Designed for those who want all the alert and messaging features of TWIG, but in a smaller, easy to wear or carry package. Embody gives you a choice of six wearing options.


Embody pendant with pull cord


Embody Hook


Embody ID with pullcord


Embody Embed into work clothing

Protector Easy
TWIG Protector Easy

Protector Easy is designed for users who want a simpler interface. It comes standard with duress, person down and GPS and has one speed dial button.
TWIG Protector Ex

For potentially explosive areas (fuel or gas) where intrinsically safe equipment is needed. TWIG Protector Ex complies with Australia/NZ standards IECEx. It comes standard with duress button, person down and GPS Location.

•ATEX/IECEx approved
•II 2 G Ex ibIIC T4 Gb
•II 2 D Ex ibIIIC T130°C Db
•VTT 16 ATEX 040X / IECExVTT 16.0009X.

TWIG Protector Pro Ex

This intrinsically safe lone-worker duress alarm is designed for noisier and more demanding hazardous areas than the TWIG Protector Ex. It is a more industrialised unit with a louder volume, stronger vibrate warning and better shockproof casing. It also comes standard with duress button, automatic person down and GPS location features.

•ATEX/IECEx approved
•II 2 G Ex ibIIC T4 Gb
•II 2 D Ex ibIIIC T130°C Db
• VTT 16 ATEX 040X / IECExVTT 16.0009X.

Amber Alert

On certain models, by re-programming the four direct dial buttons, TWIG transforms into a unique timed-alert system. Before entering a potentially dangerous situation, you set a timer. If you do not cancel the timer within the time limit set, then TWIG enters a short pre-alert sequence giving you the time to either cancel or extend. If you take no action, TWIG then automatically starts the emergency alert sequence.


Many options exist:
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