Safer connected sites


The Safer Connected Site technology is used in education campus, hotels, hi-rise apartments, hospitals, health care facilities, industrial sites and construction sites.

For more than 20 years we have been providing technology to sites around Australia and more recently around other countries providing them the edge in safety and communications. Whether it's for increasing safety and efficiency, real time location, duress, person-down signaling or just linking all your disparate communications systems together into one easier to control and faster-acting communications platform. We have implemented more than 5,000 sites with our advanced integrated communications.

A client’s existing equipment can be upgraded/improved with the PACCS platform, which is a world-class Smart-Safety platform design for the Safer Connected Campus system. Integrates communications and monitoring to provide critical communications, emergency communications, evacuation, lockdown, duress and safety systems, Lone-worker systems, person-down systems, nurse-call systems, RTLS and location systems. Integrating speech, data, voice and video.

Works with equipment including:

Duress and panic buttons, location tracking on-site, in–building, alerts, alarms, paging systems, two-way radio systems with alerts, messaging, M2M systems, emergency services, emergency evacuations by floor, lockdown control, integration across many platforms BMS, security and front-of-house software systems.


Schools and colleges

Our breakthrough safety technology can be integrated into your existing/legacy campus communications and security systems.Some of the largest schools in Australia are using this system. Find out more.



Used by large hotel chains 4-star, 5-star, 6-star. For hotels and clubs we work with the leading BMS providers and security system providers to provide a complete communications platform. Some of the largest hotel chains have adopted our systems. Our Smart Hotel systems can match your budget, and be implemented in stages. Smart evacuation prevents inconvenience to hotel guests.


Hospitals, aged care, special care facilities, nursing homes, mental health facilities

Whole-site safety systems can be linked to provide RTLS and personal duress alarms. New communications, evacuations, fire system overview, real time location, geo-fencing, perimeter alarms, asset tracking, lockdown and evacuation control if required.


Industrial sites, manufacturing sites, warehousing

Particularly relevant to these intense-activity sites with considerable movement of people and equipment, storage racks, heavy machinery, noise and spaces often hidden from view. Fixed and mobile alarm buttons, radios and cordless phone systems need to be integrated for fast communication throughout the site. RTLS, location and asset tracking can be included.


Construction sites are using our systems for their required nurse-call safety systems

Using cellular networks, two-way radio systems, DECT, UHF, VHF, duress, RTLS, nurse-call buttons and evacuation control.


IT data centres

We also ensure IT alarms available for the IT manager and the new devices in the internet of things are both monitored and secure. Our software allows the IT manager a new level of communications with in-built team rostering and on-call management.

Maintenance is low cost and easy: Our 24/7 network monitoring team can ensure that if your systems stop working we will get them up and running again in the shortest amount of time. Low cost options include only paying for what you use. Mobile NOC in a box available.


Many options exist:
 Call us for a discussion about your needs on 1300 765 543 or outside Australia on + 61 2 9412 2100.