Medium to large site with many users

  • You need duress and voice communication between many users on a larger site.

  • You may need to know the location of a person within a few metres.

  • There are multiple buildings within a complex and you need to know which building the alarm came from.

  • Transmitting distances that are more than 300 m.

Where is this system used?

University Campus   Warehouse   Hospital
College campus Warehouse   Hospital
Medical Centre   Manufacturing   Construction Camp
Medical centre Manufacturing   Construction camp
Retirement Village   Mining   Corrections
Retirement village Mining   Correction services

This can be an expanded version of the previous solution for smaller sites and you need to know the general location of the person, such as in a building. You may also need the capability for users to talk with each other, such as in a hospital or large manufacturing site. Generally, in a duress situation you will know where they are because their transmitter is pre-assigned to a specific area.

Another need can be when people can be anywhere in a facility, and you need to know exactly where they are in a duress situation. Here, the transmitter signals to a network of sensors which then receive the message and calculate where the person is, sending a signal back to a computer panel. This application could be appropriate for an aged care facility or a large busy warehouse.


Medium to large site products

You may have many users across a large site. They need to be able to notify others onsite of a duress event, or even talk to each other. And you need to know where they are so help can be given quickly. You may need voice contact. You may need to alert others off site. We offer several systems, the key features and benefits of which are described here.

System 1: Wi-Fi based duress and person-down real-time location system (RTLS)

  • Wi-Fi duress and location systems are rapidly becoming the duress system of choice worldwide for organisations needing to provide an advanced level of care to their staff and others visiting their sites.
  • Suitable for hospitals, schools, hotels, aged care, retirement villages, offices, warehouses and manufacturing.


Location and management software

Vision 2 software gives administrators unprecedented visibility into the location, condition and status of people, assets and workflows via a web browser.

  • patented system locates event to within 3 metres
  • operates on your existing Wi-Fi network or we can
    design and install a network
  • all events are logged
  • allows messaging out to tags.

Business intelligence through location

AiRISTA Flow gives managers and end users unprecedented visibility into the location, condition, and status of assets, people, and workflows across EDS, ORs, plant floors, or other departments, via web browser. AiRISTA Flow software seamlessly integrates with all AiRISTA Flow RTLS platforms using GPS, Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), and Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Location Tracking.AiRISTA Flow software includes:

  • patented Wi-Fi based location analytics
  • uses actual floor plans and visual icons to display the building,
    floor, zone, room, and sub-room locations
  • status (on, off, alarmed, etc.) of tracked assets and people.

Features and benefits of EKAHAU/AiRISTA Flow software

  • single web-based sign on and multiple permission and access levels
  • includes tag management and over-the-air firmware upgrade management
  • Open API simplifies integrations with leading medical device, HER, and IT systems
  • combination of several popular technologies including RFID, RSSI, TDOA, and GPS
  • scalable for any sized enterprise for tens of thousands of tags and multiple campuses
  • 10 patents for “RF fingerprinting” locating algorithms for room-level accuracy over Wi-Fi
  • See more features and benefits

  • one of the leading indoor and outdoor location tracking solutions available in today’s marketplace
  • system allows administrators to add as many floor plan maps and to activate as many tags as needed
  • effectively increases accuracy levels within a single configuration utilizing passive, semi-passive, and active tags
  • real-time location tracking software providing users visibility into present and historical location data with inventory level alerts
  • advanced dashboard and reporting capability, powered by AiRISTA Flow reporting services, with reports such as Dwell Times
  • high reliability design with hot standby feature using primary and back up databases running concurrently
  • reliable alert delivery with Wi-Fi tag messages (with sound) e-mail, pop-up, and nurse call systems (e.g. Emergin, Rauland-Borg, etc.)
  • easy to use and effective web interface can be used by staff, on any web browser. Tag activation and batch commissioning only takes minutes
  • enhanced access control – user-level segregation and Group level segregation allows administrators to flexibly manage permissions for viewing assets and people
  • scalable for campus extensions without additional software licenses via distributed algorithm with one master Vision controller SW servicing up to 10 remote SW nodes
  • various alerting options triggered by location, tag button, tag safety switch, temperature, movement (or lack thereof), or even excessive or undersized inventory levels.

Staff pager tag

  • lightweight tag has three alerting options plus person-
    down detector
  • sends text to all other tags identifying who has raised
    the alert and where they are
  • also messages to central computer and shows
    location on a floor plan, accurate to within 3 metres
  • others on or offsite can be further alerted via email,
    SMS or phone message.

Wearable tag

  • straps on like a watch
  • press button for duress alert
  • receive a notification to act
  • enables real-time visibility of a person’s exact
    location (for example a child, or visitor in a hospital).

Asset tag

  • asset tag affixed to your expensive equipment locates and tracks missing assets.

Temperature and humidity tags

  • tag alerts when humidity or temperature-sensitive equipment like refrigerators moves out of the allowable range.


System 2: Digital enhanced wireless duress handsets with voice/data/messaging to cover the sites you need



Professional quality systems available where users carry portable digital handsets of small lightweight and if-needed rugged construction. We have over 20 years of experience customising solutions using these advanced duress solutions with voice/data/messaging features. The wireless handsets can provide many functions from simple to advanced depending on your need and budget. The main benefit of these systems is the additional features we can incorporate in addition to the duress, lone-worker, person down no-motion features. Gain quality voice communication to/from users both on-site and off-site.



  • advanced duress and person-down, lone-worker functionalities
  • two-way voice with both group-calling and secure one-to-one calling options
  • text messaging from other staff and from mobile phones, operators and machine-alarms
  • identify duress alarm locations usually to nearest 50 metres
  • more accurate location also available down to 10 metres outdoors and 5 metres indoors
  • signals can cover some areas or all areas of a site no matter the size
  • expandable as site or budget changes or grows
  • external send/receive calls and/or messages
  • activate siren/strobes, security alarms, gates and lock-down
  • link into existing site alert systems such as building management, intrusion alert, fire and other emergency systems
  • tailoring to your specific requirement means you don’t pay for what you don’t need.


Many options exist:
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