WWSI offer all services for turnkey lone-worker system roll-outs

  • WWSI provide the complete range of devices and services potentially needed for complete turnkey solutions involving all of these lone-worker devices with 24-hour security monitoring centres.
  • As well as the advanced TWIG cellular device solutions with security monitoring we offer apps for smartphones and we offer satellite devices. All services are provided.
  • In cellular networks we offer any carrier’s SIM cards and our services include to load those into the duress device. We usually provide the Telstra network service with our PDA DEVICE solutions / solutions for customers.
  • WWSI provides Telstra SIM cards as a service. We can include the service to coordinate and set up the SIM cards to suit the lone-worker applications. We manage the SIMs by a powerful management software allowing us gain visibility and set features to ensure strong benefits to our clients. We use advanced tools, modems and receivers to assist in managing fleets of cellular devices with SIM cards.
  • WWSI can even provide the service to set up roaming SIMs for cases where the Telstra network has significant grey regions, so that then the device will connect on any of the other available cellular networks.

The services implemented in a standard duress alarm project:

  • Our plug'n'play duress fleet service: We provide duress units to the customer, fully configured, ready to operate. WWSI Services for duress clients include that we organise and manage the admin side, the roll-out, the security monitoring, the training and the maintenance and support.
  • WWSI project cloud services: We provide our secure, cloud database service for your organisation as a management tool for your staff to be able to see, manage and update configuration settings, etc. You can opt to provide this database directly to your regional managers to be able to access and even update device details as for instance the pool of device allocated daily to different users. This is a shared secure password protected database between WWSI staff and the client. And the data is also encoded to ensure that client's private details are not exposed. As part of these measures your organisation will be provided with an alpha-numeric customer/department ID. And will be able to log-in, view configurations, alter configurations, other attributes and personal data to ensure personal privacy and cybersecurity for the data and the whole duress solution. The client is required to keep the devices user contact details database up to date.
  • WWSI project management service: In discussion with your team, we develop your requirements into a detailed set of “Monitoring Instructions” and “Commissioning Instructions” that we use for our own staff to implement and maintain the device project management service and the security monitoring centre services in conjunction with the client.
  • End-user guides and learning services: A document and user pack will be provided / available for each device user – ensures the users can understand the foundation of the service and what options are available for them.

Many options exist:

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