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AiRISTA Flow create RTLS (real-time locating system) solutions that provide location insights of assets and personnel. Contact WWSI to discuss how AiRISTA Flow products can be used to fulfill your RTLS needs.

AiRISTA makes RTLS solutions that provide location insights of people and assets. Our solutions help businesses;

  • Track assets and locations over time
  • Locate people and things in real time
  • Alert and respond to employees in duress situations
  • Remotely monitor environmental conditions like temp., humidity, vibration
  • Ensure process execution and adherence to best practices

Hardware Solutions


Airista Rugged Asset


The Rugged Asset tag is ideally suited for tracking assets in harsh or outdoor environments using your existing Wi-Fi network. The Rugged Asset provides location intelligence as part of AiRISTA’s end-to-end RTLS platform. Wi-Fi and BLE are standard with an option for GPS functionality.

Airista 1-Button Asset


The 1-Button Asset tag is designed to monitor assets within a Wi-Fi or BLE network environment. It offers multiple options to generate alerts on environmental and condition sensing. With a small yet rugged water-resistant form factor, the 1-Button Asset tag can be affixed to virtually any piece of equipment or fixture indoors or outdoors for enterprise-wide tracking.

Airista 2-Button Asset


The 2-Button Asset tag is an active location tracking tag operating over standards-based, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi or BLE networks. In conjunction with the AiRISTA UVS software, the tag enables location tracking of virtually any asset or object. This tag operates on standard networks and does not require any extra infrastructure beyond your enterprise Wi-Fi or BLE network.


Airista BLE Personnel Tag


The BLE Personnel tag is a small form factor BLE tag used to track personnel with improvements in cost, longevity, and distance. The tag is also a BLE receiver and scans for neighboring beacons, facilitating use cases that associate people to things. Includes an accelerometer for improved response.

Airista Advanced Wrist Personnel tag


The wearable Advanced Wrist Personnel tag features vibration-based alerting and two colored LEDs that signal events to the tag wearer. Users can request help or acknowledge calls conveniently on a comfortable, rechargeable, water-resistant tag designed to be worn like a watch. A detachable wristband allows for fast cleaning and a top barcode enables simple ID scanning.

AiRISTA B4n badge


The AiRISTA B4n badge tag is a safety device which generates alerts in response to staff duress events. The tag sends the ID and location of the individual to AiRISTA’s software platform which directs responders to the scene using the text display. These badges are similar in size and shape of typical ID badges and are attached using an AiRISTA provided clip.

Airista Wi-Fi BLE Personnel Tag


The AiRISTA B3 badge tag provides proximity detection for social distancing and contact tracing using an existing Wi-Fi network. These badges are similar in size and shape of typical ID badges, to fit easily on a lanyard with other credential cards or on a belt clip.

Airista Soft tag


The AiRISTA Soft-tag is available to OEMs who want to include real time location tracking (RTLS) capabilities in their devices. Embedding tag firmware in devices like smart phones, infusion pumps, monitors, and other mobile assets improves equipment utilization, process flow, and staff safety. As millions of IoT devices come online, the Soft-tag makes it easy to add location insights as a fundamental attribute.


Airista 1-Button temperature Sensor with Probe


AiRISTA’s 1-Button temperature Sensor with Probe is designed for monitoring and logging high temperature and ultra low temperatures. It offers multiple sensors which can be utilized for humidity, different asset types, or temperature ranges. Utilizing advanced wireless network and sensor technologies, AiRISTA offers innovative, robust, and cost-effective environmental condition monitoring solutions.

Airista 1-Button Temperature tag


Designed for monitoring and logging the temperature of assets, the 1-Button Temperature tag features sensors that can be utilized for temperature, humidity, and related factors for different asset types. It’s innovative, robust, and cost-effective for environmental condition monitoring. Through existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, this tag can transmit environmental condition data in real time for the storing, processing, and alerting of abnormal conditions by via email, SMS, or pre-recorded voice message alerts. The optional probe extends temperature collection to specific areas adjacent to the tag.

AiRISTA Wi-Fi / BLE Temperature Tag

Wi-Fi / BLE Temperature Tag wtih Display

The Wi-Fi / BLE Temperature Tag with Display indicates temperature using its display interface in addition to remote temperature monitoring. The rechargeable tag can also be continuously charged via a USB interface. External probes provide a variety of temperature ranges. The tag can be programed over the air and includes software programmable buttons.


Airista Proximity Sensor Units


AiRISTA’s Proximity Sensor Units (PSU) are provided in two different functionalities, one as a managed BLE to Ethernet Gateway (WGU) and the other as a managed BLE Beaconing Unit with monitoring and remote management (WBU).

Wireless Gateway Units (WGU) are designed to listen for Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and transmit the observed beacons data to the AiRISTA Unified Vision Server (UVS) and/or sofia® for proximity detection and location calculation over Ethernet connection.

As a Wireless Beaconing Unit (WBU), it functions as a standard BLE beacon supporting iBeacon, Eddystone and AiRISTA’s proprietary protocols.

Airista LB2 infrared ref beacon


The AiRISTA LB2 refines the location accuracy to levels previously only available with expensive, proprietary systems that require wiring new infrastructure. For the typical hospital environment, the beacons provide highly reliable room- and bed-level accuracy in any areas with Wi-Fi coverage, without the need to install additional Wi-Fi access points or other wired infrastructure.

AiRISTA Wi-Fi / BLE Gateway


The AiRISTA G3 gateway provides Wi-Fi network access for BLE tags. The low cost and long battery life of BLE tags make them desirable, but to exchange data over Wi-Fi networks they need a gateway device between BLE networks and Wi-Fi networks. This facilitates use cases like choke point detection, telemetry exchange and proximity detection for social distancing. G3 has a built in temperature and humidity sensor.

Airista Locator Beacon


The Locator Beacon unit is designed to provide location reference data to AiRISTA’s family of active RFID tags. This location beacon transmits its unique ID as a BLE beacon. Any AiRISTA active tag equipped with the reference signal receiver in range of the wireless signal can detect and interpret the received data and transmit the information to AiRISTA’s UVS platform for location determination. AiRISTA Location Beacon Units are powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Software Solutions


  • Written in the AI centric language, “Go”, Unified Vision performs AI processing of data consumed by machine learning models.
  • We provide machine learning algorithms and the federated data bus to future proof your investments.


  • Built on a stream-based architecture, Unified Vision can scale to over 1.8M records per second.
  • Applications can subscribe to topics within a stream as part of a workflow orchestration that spans the Enterprise.


  • IoT scale requires elastic compute resources based on real time demand.
  • Using industry standard tools, Unified Vision deploys brokers as end point & data stream relationships are made and dissolved.


  • The volume of data IoT generates requires a management framework that distinguishes real time needs from perpetuity.
  • Unified Vision models data in 3 tiers; in-memory, locally stored, and long term.

Example Applications: AiRISTA Unified Vision In Action

mining staff safety

Mining: Staff Safety

In the event of an underground mine emergency, automated headcount in the mustering area indicate the people still in harm’s way. The locations of these people are mapped and indicate whether they are down and not moving which helps drive rescue priorities.

healthcare patient flow

Healthcare: Patient Flow

As hospital reimbursement is increasingly based on patient outcomes, analysis of factors across the delivery system drives continuous improvement. Hand hygiene of staff can be monitored for programs to increase compliance. Medications under refrigeration can be monitored for consistency of temperature. Segregating sterilized equipment and par level accounting ensures devices are available and clean.

healthcare asset tracking

Healthcare: Asset Tracking

For production environments, insight into dwell times leads to improved asset utilization. When applied to patient experience, dwell time analysis improvises patient flow, increasing customer satisfaction. Combined with historic pathing, the patient’s end-to-end journey is brought to life.

hospitality staff safety

Hospitality: Staff Safety

Hotel housekeeping staff are one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the workforce. Panic buttons alerting security to compromising situations ensures help is delivered quickly. Through forensic replay of events, continuous improvements are implemented which increase effectiveness and comply with legislative and union requirements.

manufacturing process

Manufacturing: Process Automation

Pre-preg material used for skins of jet fighters has an expiration date. To ensure efficient use of this expensive material, the oldest material is pulled from the freezer first. If the retrieved material is out of date, an alarm sounds as it moves out of the freezer.

long term care

Long Term Care: Wander Management

In the event of patient elopement in an Alzheimer’s ward, the identification of the wandering patient is made and a recording of a family member is played over nearby speakers encouraging them to return to their room.

logo Sofia

Location Insights for Situational Awareness

Healthcare providers need real time insights about patient, staff and asset locations to optimize care delivery in the moment

How does it work?

  • Dashboards, Reports
  • Events, Alerts
  • Process Workflows
  • APIs: REST, Web, Streamning

The Staff Tag communicates to the access point over Wi-Fi

Patient Tags & Asset Tags communicate to the gateway

Location beacons help support location data.

Sofia how it works

Solution Bundles
Hardware + Software Subscription Bundles

AiRIST Flow offers a compete suite of Real-Time Location System hgardware packaged with Unified Vision as a bundle offer.

  • Subscription pricing
  • Maintenance & support included
  • Renewals made easy
mining staff safety

Asset Management

  • Unified Vision Asset Tracking License Subscription
  • Variety of Asset Tags Available
  • Support and Maintenance
mining staff safety

Personnel Use Cases - Staff Safety

  • Unified Vision Staff Safety License Subscription
  • Hand Hygiene & Contact Tracing also available as license modules
  • Variety of Personnel Tags Available
  • Support and Maintenance
mining staff safety

BLE/Wi-Fi Interpreter Bundles

  • Unified Vision Infrastructure License Subscription
  • Interpreter Devices for BLE & Wi-Fi Environments
  • Support and Maintenance

Many options exist:

Call us for a discussion about your needs on 1300 765 543 or outside Australia on +612 9412 2100.