Warranty and SLA maintenance services

  • Warranty: Full warranty is available as well as an optional extended warranty.
  • Support and maintenance services: WWSI staff provide level 1, 2 and 3 support to ensure for the whole duress and safety system that all/any eventualities are quickly taken care of. Our experienced staff will manage all aspects of needed support.

A part of the range of support options available:

24/7 or extended hours or 8 x 5 office hours SLA support agreements are available.

  • Remote login services: This is a web-based handset re-configuration service using encrypted web-based tools with secure access and configuration lockdown.
  • Help desk and service desk services available: Twig Australia has a help desk available manned in office hours (and for a higher level of maintenance manned in extended hours on an agreed client basis.)
  • Handset swap service and advance replacement service: These services are used for out-of warranty handset fleet support where WWSI keep a pool of spare devices available for faulty device replacement. WWSI have been operating these popular services for critical alarm and communication devices for more than 15 years. For instance, for hospital emergency rooms, mental health wards and for general staff in some very secure establishments like special needs accommodation sites and public facing positions in councils.

Many options exist:

Call us for a discussion about your needs on 1300 765 543 or outside Australia on +612 9412 2100.