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Salto is a leading manufacturer of innovative access control products and solutions that can be tailored to suit a wide variety of facility needs. As an approved Salto dealer, WWSI can provide technical and sales support to find the best Salto products for your organisation.

Customer solutions

salto commercial solutions

Access control solutions for Commercial
Smart solutions for more secure enterprises, factories, transport and public spaces

Increase security and safety for people and property. SALTO delivers the most convenient, flexible and secure access control solutions for all types of commercial property - Offices, Manufacturing, Industrial sites, Airports, Transportation Infrastructures, Government & Public Sector and many more.

salto education solutions

Security access control for Education
Meeting the security challenges of Education today

Manage and control educational environments better. Balance security with accessibility, and advanced technology with affordability. SALTO wire-free, smart tech access solutions are supporting safe, welcoming campuses in educational facilities and institutions globally to protect our children, teachers, and community in their places of learning.

salto healthcare solutions

Access control solutions for Healthcare
Advanced access control for today’s Healthcare facilities

Deliver convenient, secure, and hygienic keyless access across the most complex healthcare sites. Combine control with flexibility to keep pace with fast-changing staff and patient needs.

salto Hospitality solutions

Access control solutions for Hotels
More than just a guest room lock— a guest experience

Enhance your guest experience with SALTO, the global leader in hospitality access control. Our wire-free, smart keyless security gives you ultimate control and blends seamlessly with your hotel design and style.

salto Retail solutions

Access control solutions for Retail
Modern access management for retail store security

SALTO is helping retail businesses simplify their access management workflow to increase productivity, security, and operations efficiency while reducing costs and optimizing processes for shared, single, and multiple locations for all types of retail environments.

salto Coworking solutions

Access control solutions for coworking spaces
Access control solutions for Coworking

Enhance the access experience for trusted users as you increase security and safety. Improve work space efficiency, utilization, reduce staffing costs, and effortlessly incorporate future growth.

salto Shared Living Spaces solutions

Access control solutions for shared living spaces
The seamless keyless experience for Shared Living Spaces

New technologies are transforming shared living communities. Create a seamless and secure smart living experience for your residents.

salto Residential solutions

Smart access control solutions for Residential
Make your home door smart

Enhance your living experience. Manage and control your home environment better. Complement your property with a SALTO wire-free, seamless and super-smart electronic locking system, ready for residential housing, multi-family communities, care homes, and apartment homes.

About Salto

SALTO Systems revolutionised access control with the introduction of the SALTO Virtual Network SVN data-on-card technology and the advanced battery-operated wireless electronic smart door lock range in 2001.

For nearly 20 years SALTO has been synonymous with innovative solutions, including stand-alone, cloud-based and mobile applications, that set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility and design that bring real-world benefits to virtually any door and building type. Across a broad range of industries and applications, SALTO is widely recognised as a global market leader in smart electronic access control solutions.

SALTO Systems develops and manufactures advanced and reliable wireless electronic locking and access control smart solutions that provide a smoother, more comfortable, and secure daily life for the people using our systems.

We bring added value to our clients, making it easier for decision making and smarter management of facilities. Our goal is to not only be within the top three companies in our sector in the world, but to also be your number one smart electronic access control provider. As an organisation, we intend to create an ecosystem of end-users, clients, partners, collaborators, and suppliers with whom we build long-lasting, win-win relationships guided by closeness, flexibility, integrity, and trust.

SALTO Systems aims to have a leading role in the unstoppable process of the massive replacement of mechanical keys with electronic keys. This commitment has positioned us as one of the top three leading manufacturers of electronic locks worldwide.

Our goal is to develop products and new technologies that adapt to the continuously-changing needs of each vertical market through reliable solutions that are easy to install, use, and maintain.

Relentless Innovation

Market-led development

Innovation is one of the most critical factors behind SALTO's continued success. The inspiration and ideas for new products come from a variety of sources, and one of the most important is obviously SALTO's customers. Real market feedback is extremely valuable, especially for incremental product improvements. Another important source of input are all the new electronic and information technologies. These developments can often allow functionalities which were previously impossible, such as what took place with SALTO's Wireless technology, or more recently with our mobile solutions and the XS4 2.0 range.

Our R&D team

Like all elements of SALTO, at the centre is our team. In the case of R&D, the team of nearly 30 people is structured into three areas to best focus on the main areas of development: Mechanical, Electronics, and Software. SALTO jumped onto the access control map with its data-on-card technological innovation and we know that to stay a leader in this increasingly competitive landscape, SALTO needs to continue to invest in our resources -- people, capabilities, equipment -- in order to reach our research and development goals.

Complementary skills for strong solutions

It's important to highlight that the skills on the R&D team come from several disciplines. There are many engineers in the department, but there are also mathematicians and physicists with experience in mechanical lock design, electronic design, PCB design, firmware and software development, database knowledge, mobile apps software, and much more. The development process is an iterative one, so the team needs to be able to understand and analyze new challenges from many different angles. That's the best way to ensure that SALTO strengthens and builds upon our innovation capabilities which form the basis of our market-valued solutions.

How it works

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN)

The SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) provides the flexibility for an access control system to grow from a small number of doors and users to a large number of doors and users as required. It allows stand-alone locks to read, receive and write information via an encrypted and secure data-on-card system that utilizes the capabilities of RFID read/write technology. In SVN, all access data is stored on and distributed by its operating smartcard. When presenting a smartcard to an offline stand-alone door, not only does this control access rights to that door but thanks to two-way communication, the door also writes data like blacklist information or battery status back to the smartcard. The smartcard then transmits this information back to the server via online wall readers that can update and receive information from the cards anytime and anywhere in the building.

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN)
SALTO Virtual Network (SVN)

SALTO Wireless Access Control System
SALTO Wireless Access Control System

SALTO Wireless

Wireless real-time access control system
To further the level of security, SALTO has developed the XS4 Wireless online solution. It is designed for applications that need high level real-time access control. SALTO Wireless can be used as an independent system or as a complement to SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and hardwired IP solutions. It connects battery-powered electronic escutcheons and cylinders by means of low power radio transceivers (2.4 GHz). These interact with XS4 gateways, which are connected by Ethernet/WiFi to the central management computer. With a single click of a mouse you can configure or make changes to the network in real-time. You can also download audit trail information for real-time control, delete users remotely and securely, collect battery status for maintenance and much more, all from a single PC and all in real-time.

SALTO Mobile Solutions

With SALTO’s JustIN technology smartphones can be integrated conveniently and beneficially into access control solutions. JustIN Mobile BLE allows doors to be opened with a smartphone. With JustIN mSVN NFC the smartphone turns into an update terminal for credentials.

JustIN Mobile
JustIN Mobile employs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for communicating between the smartphone and electronic locks. The mobile key is sent “Over the Air” (OTA) from the ProAccess SPACE management software to an installed JustIN Mobile app at a registered and verified smartphone. The user receives a message that he has a new key and for which doors he has access rights. Then, they only need to present the smartphone to the lock and start communication via the Mobile app. All data transmission and the mobile key itself are encrypted and secured against cloning.

Users can receive mobile keys anytime and anywhere. By this, access control solutions gain even more flexibility for issuing and receiving access rights, without sacrificing security.

JustIN Mobile can be used along with or as a replacement of RFID credentials.

SALTO Mobile Solution - JustIN Mobile
ALTO Mobile Solution - JustIN Mobile

JustIN mSVN (mobile SALTO Virtual Network) is a technology developed by SALTO for updating access rights for credentials employing mobile communications, the mSVN app and the NFC (Near Field Communications) interface of smartphones. By these means, the SVN can be expanded to locations where no online wall reader is available. With mSVN, access rights can be updated via direct communication between the smartphone and the credential exactly where and when these are needed.

New access rights and black list information are sent to authorized and registered users from ProAccess SPACE to the mSVN app. The NFC-enabled smartphone then serves as an update point for credentials that an XS4 online reader usually does. The end-user updates the credential by presenting it to the smartphone using the mSVN app.

All data transfer is encrypted and secured using Mifare DESFire EV1 technology.

SALTO Mobile Solution - JustIN mSVN
ALTO Mobile Solution - JustIN mSVN


SALTO’s XS4 access control platform is designed to give end users ultimate freedom of choice regarding system layout, type and number of access points as well as level of security. In addition to this, SALTO easily adapts to changing requirements and can deliver scalability no matter what the project size.

Having one of the broadest product portfolios in access control worldwide, SALTO can fulfill virtually every technical and functional requirement. End users can choose from electronic locks and cylinders, wall readers, locker locks, cam locks, padlocks and swing handles from a comprehensive range. Thus, access control solutions by SALTO can encompass almost every access point in a building and its perimeter. Scalability in this regard means, that end users can start by securing their perimeter doors, followed by racks in data centre’s, furniture and cupboards as well as letter boxes and lockers – all in a step-by-step modular approach if and as required.

SALTO makes it easy to invest in an access control system not only because of its superior functionality, but also because it can grow as the end user’s needs grow. They can choose to start with a small system covering just parts of their building or only the main entrance doors initially and, at a later date expand the system to the whole building or company, over different sites and countries as required. The only additional costs are for extra hardware; no license fees are required for extra access points. And because most parts of a SALTO access control system are wire-free, installation costs are minimal as well.

Different companies have different security needs. SALTO offers a wide range of technologies and system layouts. From a simple self-programmable system that needs no computer to manage it, through a highly capable mid-range ROM system up to the data-on-card SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) system and the Wireless online system, SALTO has what end users need. And they can upgrade, whenever required and even mix & match several technologies, such as SVN and Wireless.

Finally, scalability for SALTO also means downward compatibility as well as upgradability. SALTO access control systems are designed for long life ensuring end users remain confident that as new versions of SALTO management software are released their hardware will continue to be compatible and work with it.


SALTO solutions are based on RFID, a technology with important benefits such as ease of use, robustness and its ability to be combined with other applications on the same credential thereby providing multi-application convenience.

Today there is a variety of RFID technologies in use and SALTO solutions are compatible with all the main players. The range of technologies that SALTO supports multiplied by the tremendous range of our hardware; from lockers to keypad escutcheons, panic bars to padlocks, translates to value-added flexibility and usability for clients around the world.

RFID standards supported by SALTO:


Electronic Locks

Smart, secure, innovative and easy to install, the SALTO electronic smart door locksets need no hard wiring and provide a totally wire-free networked smart electronic locking solution with a great range of features.

salto XS4 One

XS4 One

Smart, secure, innovative and easy to install, the XS4 One electronic escutcheon sets need no hard wiring and provide a totally wire-free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features.

salto XS4 Original

XS4 Original

The XS4 Original product line is a universally compatible advanced smart locking system delivering next-generation access control technology in a market-proven solution. Unique, simple to install and retrofit, and featuring a sleek design, the XS4 Original platform integrates all your physical security needs through wireless networked, stand-alone locks giving you real-time access control for virtually all the doors in your building.

salto XS4 Mini

XS4 Mini

The XS4 Mini for Australian mortise locks has been designed for use with Australian mortise locks that use split spindle systems. Simple installation, using just two screws when installing on new or existing Australian doors standards.

salto XS4 Mini - ANSI

XS4 Mini - ANSI

Easy to install design makes the XS4 Mini a simple way for professionals to upgrade and replace mechanical-key-operated locks with the latest in electronic access control.

salto XS4 Glass Door

XS4 Glass Door

The XS4 Original DIN glass door lock has been specially designed for use with DIN 18101 standard glass doors. Its steel body is stylish and modern and its unique ‘sandwich body’ construction makes it easy to install, without having to replace the door. A wireless version of the XS4 DIN glass door lock is also available for realtime access control requirements.

salto Ælement


The Ælement ANSI version is specially designed to fit on most ANSI A 156.13 doors. The minimalistic design of the RFID reader looks stylish and discreet on any door. It also offers the choice of a wide range of designer lever handles and finishes.

salto Ælement Fusion

Ælement Fusion

Ælement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented, providing a minimalistic design that blends with any hotel décor.

Electronic Cylinders

For any building, function, model or door standard, SALTO offers the perfect electronic cylinder to fit any door.

salto Neo Cylinder

Neo Cylinder

For any building, function, or model, SALTO offers the perfect electronic cylinder to fit any door. The SALTO Neo Cylinder delivers an easy-to-use electronic locking platform that integrates all of the physical security needs through smart, wireless, and battery-operated smart cylinders, giving system operators all the latest user access information for virtually all of the doors in a facility.

Motorized Locks

The SALTO smart and modern motorized electronic lock family offers easy installation and set up on the inside of your door using your existing lock, providing a keyless smart experience to control and unlock your door without keys.

salto Danalock


The SALTO Danalock V3 is a universal compatible motorized smart lock that allows control of your home door and enables the smart home experience by connecting with major home automation platforms through market-standard protocols.

Virtually compatible with any kind of door, making your home door smart has never been that easy.

Wall Readers

SALTO offers a wide range of wall readers that, in combination with SALTO Access Controllers, facilitates the integration of the wall reader with almost any type of installation and access control application, to provide any facility with a complete security solution, i.e. barriers, lifts, sliding doors or electronic gates, where control must be boosted by online real-time access control.

salto Design XS Reader

Design XS Reader

The SALTO Wall Reader in combination with the SALTO Controller facilitates the integration of the wall reader with almost any SALTO interface, such as SALTO ProAccess SPACE to provide your facility with a complete security solution. This wall reader has been specially designed to fit ANSI standard electric boxes to make the installation easier.

salto Modular XS Reader

Modular XS Reader

The Modular XS Wall Reader, in combination with the SALTO Controller, facilitates the integration of the wall reader with almost any SALTO interface, such as SALTO ProAccess SPACE to provide your facility with a complete security solution for any kind of installations, even from adverse and harsh environments thanks to the ability to install it in combination with the antivandalic frame.

salto Wave XS Reader

Wave XS Reader

The Wave XS is a touchless button that permits an easy and clean operation of a large number of activator devices. Wave XS reader technology offers 100% touch-free automated access control. Depending on the configuration, the Wave XS reader’s capacitive technology can sense hand gestures. All the user has to do is approach the door and their hand activates the door opening, which makes for simple operation and eliminates the need to touch any surface.

salto Panel XS Reader

Panel XS Reader

The SALTO panel reader is a door entry system that works in conjunction with SALTO controllers.Designed to be integrated behind lift panels, door intercoms, electric switches or turnstiles & gates. These models need a window, which is necessary for reader antenna operation.

salto Long Distance XS Reader

Long Distance XS Reader

Extremely robust die-cast aluminium housing and compact design with integrated antenna. The WRLUD24Bxx boasts a range of 7m and the WRLUD14Bxx covers 3m. It is a complementary product to the SALTO XS4 online Controller for realtime identification on the go.

Access Controllers

SALTO door controllers enable the expansion of SALTO access control benefits to a wide variety of automatic doors, barriers, sliding doors electronic gates or elevator controllers and enable the integration of SALTO access control with building management systems.

salto CU4000 Door Controller

CU4000 Door Controller

SALTO’s control unit makes it even easier to bring superior access control to your facility, thanks to the ability to control and manage multiple doors through one Ethernet connection and one IP address. This means that extending SALTO access control benefits to all those doors where a stand-alone electronic escutcheon cannot be fitted (electric strikes, magnets, barriers, lifts, etc.) is even easier and more cost-effective.

The new SALTO Controller CU4200 is an auxiliary controller that does not require an IP address and can be set up as an auxiliary controller connected to an SALTO online controller (CU42E0), or can work as an offline controller, reducing the costs of installation and keeping all the advantages of the SALTO data-on-card technology.

Lockers Locks

The SALTO smart locker lock offers protection against theft to a wide range of lockers, cupboards, display cabinets etc. by integrating it into the SALTO wire-free electronic access solution. Easy to install in any type of locker, their ergonomic design and durable wipe clean construction offers state-of-the-art electronic access control technology for many markets including sports centres, gyms, schools and hospitals.

salto XS4 Locker

XS4 Locker

The SALTO XS4 Locker is a locker lock designed to bring all the advantages of access control to lockers and cabinets. The XS4 Locker is perfect for controlling access to lockers, cupboards, cabinets, boxes and show cases, where access control and full audit trailing are required.

salto Gantner NET.Lock

Gantner NET.Lock

The Gantner NET.Lock 7020 lock is the ideal solution for the convenient electronic locking of lockers in leisure facilities, universities, company offices, and depot compartments.

salto Gantner ECO.Lock

Gantner ECO.Lock

The Gantner ECO.Lock 7xxx is the ideal solution for customers seeking a cost-effective, battery-operated electronic locking system for lockers.

salto Gantner GL7p

Gantner GL7p

The Gantner GL7p is the ideal solution with innovative design lock for the realization of a cost-effective, secure, and intuitive electronic locker system for the safe storage of personal belongings. The GL7p is available with and without PIN-Code keypad.

Electronic Padlock

The SALTO Neoxx electronic padlock’s new features and enhancement keep it at the cutting edge of the security industry and access control ecosystem. With the SALTO Neoxx Padlock serie, the suite of SALTO products delivers the most complete locking platform on the market — electronic locks and cylinders, online readers, and locker locks. Complete hardware and electronic locking platform, which fits virtually any door and any access point with an advanced, reliable electronic locking technology that meets all of the security requirements and more.

salto Neoxx Padlock

Neoxx Padlock

Built to withstand all access needs, the SALTO Neoxx Padlock series offers a unique solution ideal for utility providers – electric power stations, telecom network services, industry applications, and more – and property services that need an additional level of security to control specific doors like gates or storages, without losing a piece of convenience and control.

As portable as conventional padlocks, security is enhanced by removing any lock’s most vulnerable part – the mechanical key – and adding the benefits of being operated with a mobile app and contactless smart keycard managed by an advanced web-based access control technology platform.

Panic Bars & Emergency Exit Devices

Emergency exit protection and security made easy, and smart.

salto XS4 Panic Bars

XS4 Panic Bars

SALTO advanced panic bar solutions and emergency exit devices enable emergency exit doors equipped with panic bars to be controlled with an innovative smart electronic locking wireless system.

SALTO wire-free standalone XS4 electronic locks can be fitted, in combination with adaptor kits, to more than 40 leading panic bars from the most popular manufacturers, whether you have a mortise or a RIM panic device.

salto XS4 Panic Bars Adaptor Kit

XS4 Panic Bars Adaptor Kit

The XS4 SALTO KPBs (Kit Panic Bars) make it possible to fit stand-alone electronic escutcheons in combination with existing panic bars. SALTO has developed a wide range of KPBs that are compatible with the most popular panic bars on the market.

Mortise Locks

SALTO offers a wide range of mortise locks in order to ensure that the door is correctly locked. Whether you need ANSI mortise door locks, Euro DIN locks for wooden doors or narrow profiles, Scandinavian locks, cylindrical cartridge latches or automatic locks with privacy and panic functions, SALTO has the locking system you need.

salto XS4 Euro Mortise Locks

XS4 Euro Mortise Locks

The SALTO XS4 LE7S is a DIN compatible mortise lock that offers a wide range of operations and functions possibilities to improve access control with a reliable locking solution.
It includes integrated electronic detectors* to monitorize in real-time the door status, providing an easy to install solution without any additional hardware or drilling needs.

salto XS4 ANSI Mortise Locks

XS4 ANSI Mortise Locks

Specially designed for those doors that need an ANSI mortise lock ANSI A 156.13 Grade 1 and a privacy function with a deadbolt for Hospitality purposes. It includes integrated electronic detection to monitorize in real-time the door status, providing an easy to install solution without any additional hardware or drilling needs.

Cylindrical Latch Locks

The SALTO cylindrical latch provides modern replacement locking without compromising security.

With the SALTO XS4 cylindrical latch, you can replace existing traditional knob sets and upgrade them with a state of the art electronic access control system.

salto XS4 Cylindrical Latch Locks

XS4 Cylindrical Latch Locks

With the SALTO XS4 cylindrical latch, you can replace existing traditional knob sets and upgrade them with a state of the art electronic access control system. SALTO Cartridge cylindrical latches meet ANSI A156.2 Grade 1 requirements, and enable users to replace old cylindrical or tubular latches with new, high quality ones compatible with SALTO electronic escutcheons.

Energy-Saving Devices

SALTO’s Universal Energy Saving Device (ESD) system achieves savings and comfort.

Energy usage is one of the highest operating expenses hotels, shared living spaces and the cruise industry incurs. The cost of electricity has risen dramatically in the past few years and will only continue to rise. On average, 90% of wasted electricity usage comes from the guest room, which can be your property’s most unmanaged resource (a room Air Conditioning/Heating (HVAC) system can represent 70-90% of that wasted electricity).

The SALTO Universal ESD system allows any type of building to optimize energy consumption by turning off lighting and adjusting climate control systems when guests are not in the room for extended periods of time.

salto Smart ESD

Smart ESD

The SALTO in room energy saving device (ESD) helps to save up to 65%* of a hotel room or student dorm's electricity consumption and unlike standard (magnetic stripe) energy savers, only authorized SALTO key cards will switch on the lights. Any other card (frequent flyer, business card, etc.) or other SALTO cards belonging to other rooms, won´t work.

salto Universal ESD

Universal ESD

The Universal Energy Saving Device (ESD) is a motion cardless solution that adds value and comfort to the Bluetooth® equipped rooms. The system will determine whether the room is occupied and it will apply an energy management model by switching ON or OFF the lighting and/or AC, depending on the information received from the room sensors.


SALTO credentials for smart and secure access are available in a wide range of versions to suit different user needs.

Every building and user is different, so that’s why SALTO offers a wide range of credentials to suit every application. Reusable, contactless cards, RFID key cards and RFID bracelets provide versatility for access control as additional applications can be implemented on the same ID user credential.

Contactless RFID key fobs are a cost-effective, secure and convenient solution for commercial and industrial applications while contactless RFID silicone or key bracelets are secure and convenient solutions for commercial and industrial applications with durable housing for rugged use or harsh environments.

salto Key Cards

Key Cards

Reusable, contactless RFID smart key cards for access control. It provides higher levels of security than traditional mechanical key management and additional applications can be implemented on the same ID user credential.

salto Key Fobs

Key Fobs

Contactless RFID key fobs are a cost-effective, secure and convenient solution for commercial and industrial applications with a durable housing for rugged use or harsh environments. Attractively designed, SALTO XS4 contactless key fobs are available in various colours.

salto BraceletsD


Contactless RFID silicone bracelets are comfortable, easy to wear and a good alternative to classic key fobs and cards. A convenient solution for commercial and industrial applications with a durable housing for rugged use or harsh environments. Attractively designed, available in various colours.


System components, SALTO peripheral devices are easy and secure to connect for access monitoring, control and automation.

The SALTO platform is more than just a locking solution and by combining the locks with other devices including BLUEnet Gateways, IQs and Repeaters, we reach a level of convenience and performance higher than in traditional standalone access control systems.

Additional items such as encoders, desktop readers and portable programming devices enable users to encode and update cards, send data from cards to Point of Sale terminals and test or program locks, initialize doors, update locks or collect audit trails for unrivalled versatility.

SALTO Space Management Tools

SALTO Space Management Tools

The SALTO NCoder integrates the NCoder capabilities of a powerful updated design encoder with a built-in desktop reader function. It is compatible with a wide range of RFID cards and compatible with Bluetooth® mobile keys.

salto KS IQ


The IQ 2.0 uses 2G, 3G and 4G cellular connectivity to communicate with the SALTO cloud. Also available in WiFi or POE version and always available through Ethernet connection. The IQ 2.0 communicates with SALTO KS access points via ZigBee/Bluetooth.

SALTO Space BLUEnet Wireless

SALTO Space BLUEnet Wireless

The SALTO Gateway is the link between the PC and the wireless network. Completely managed through SALTO ProAccess SPACE software, it collects all the information sent by the escutcheons through the nodes.

Smart Access Solutions

SALTO has been synonymous with innovative solutions, including stand-alone, cloud-based, and mobile applications. Our electronic locking products set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility and design that bring real world benefits to virtually any type of door.

Living with the all-in-one smart keyless experience

With an impressive list of trusted, best-in-class customers from a variety of industries, SALTO delivers industry-leading electronic locking solutions all across the globe.

SALTO is behind innovations such as the first stand-alone, battery-powered smart electronic lock; the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card technology; and the first wireless access control system to combine a stand-alone locking device with online, real-time capabilities – all without wires or mechanical keys.

SALTO was the early leader in cloud-based access control technology and has become a major player in keys-as-a-service providers over traditional access control solutions, accelerating digital access transformation projects. The SALTO portfolio now includes world-class software management, cloud solutions, and mobile applications for businesses of all types and sizes.

ON PREMISE networks


SALTO Space is a fully-integrated, stand-alone wire-free smart-locking platform and web-based software management system that brings seamless access to every door in any building in an efficient, flexible, safe and secure way.

SALTO Space delivers a smart access control on-premise platform that’s designed to work in a wire-free environment so there is no need to hardwire any door access points in the building – allowing you to keep your original doors and locks in place.

  • Smart & virtual networked
  • Secure, efficient & reliable
  • Keyless & flexible management
  • Scalable, easy to install & maintain

CLOUD applications


SALTO KS is the straightforward, scalable and flexible cloud-based smart access solution that fits your business’ needs today and tomorrow with best-in-class real-time capabilities for access control systems.

Bring proven reliability and recognised stability into your business, providing higher functionality and performance than is possible with a traditional mechanical key access solution. SALTO KS cloud-based access control is a flexible solution that requires no software installation with remote management capabilities and endless integration possibilities. All you need is a SALTO wireless smart door lock, an IQ, and an online device with an Internet connection.

SALTO KS smart access offers multiple ways of opening doors, including with a digital key. It supports a wide range of keyless methods to improve the user experience and safety for any building type and delivers advanced security features on a fully remote, wireless cloud-based management platform

  • Always up-to-date from anywhere in real-time
  • Analyze valuable data and activity insights
  • Access made easy and secure
  • Streamline your operations and scale globally

Many options exist:

Call us for a discussion about your needs on 1300 765 543 or outside Australia on +612 9412 2100.