How safe are your students and staff?

Our breakthrough safety technology can be integrated into your existing/legacy campus communications and security systems.

The WWSI Safer Connected Campus platform for schools and colleges

Schools and Colleges


The Safer Connected Campus system allows the integration of existing separate alarm systems such as fire alarm with intrusion alerts, and adds a suite of advanced personal duress and safety solutions for staff and students all reporting through a single communication platform. Some of the largest schools in Australia are using this system.

Your campus can have:

  • an easy touch graphical user interface (GUI) screen to manage the overall safety and security status of all site(s)
  • zoned evacuation system and lockdowns campus-wide or for selected buildings or doors
  • mass safety messaging onto existing devices/screens
  • zoned PA announcements, bell and music options for time-tabling and alarms across multiple buildings and campuses.

The benefits are awareness, protection and evidence:

  • localise and control emergency actions by building or site
  • early warning of security issues from fire panels, smoke alarms and other existing security panels
  • faster response to emergencies by staff and third parties
  • clear, rapid communication with all staff and students
  • emergencies managed locally and 24-hour monitoring
  • reduced electricity bills due to smart power control
  • full training program and manuals included.


Recognising that most schools already have some form of installed system, the Safer Connected Campus system allows step by step enhancement as budget becomes available over time.

Three Levels to significantly improve campus safety, security and communication.

Level 1: Integration of existing basic alerts from fire and security systems and evacuation procedures across our Safer Connected Campus platform.

Level 2: Add more flexible and selectable alerting in order to isolate communication and messaging to specific trouble spots; thus providing protection where it is needed without affecting the whole school environment.

Level 3: Notifications from the personal duress alarms of staff and students can be integrated into the overall alarm and communication system to quickly get help to a person in trouble.

Many options exist:

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